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Originally Posted by ricmachado View Post
The company I work for has a job opportunity in Bakersfield, CA and the regional manager called me saying that if I'm interested, he would give his approval on me.

It is not a guarantee that I would have the job, but having both my current regional manager and the possible future one vouching for my qualificationis is a great step.

My main concern is cost of leaving. I live now in NC and everyone always say how CA is expensive. looking online, Bakersville isn't THAT expensive.

so for ones that are in the area, what do you think about this area in A, is it a good place to live? pros, cons..

let's hear it
I have lived in Central California almost all of my life. I grew up in Shafter, a small farming town about 25 miles N/W of Bakersfield and have spent the past 18 years in Reedley, about 95 miles north of Bakersfield.

There are lots of pros/cons no matter where you live in the USA. One of the big PRO's about living in California is that you can ride 12 months of the year.

The most expensive housing in CA is along the Pacific Ocean. Bakersfield is about 130 miles from the ocean and most of the places to live in all of Central CA, from Bakersfield to Redding, are very reasonable, but that depends on your perspective.

Bakersfield is very close to the desert where some of the best off road winter riding is.

From Bakersfield, you can ride to whatever weather you want any time of the year. If you want to go to the snow, head for the mountains. If you are too hot in the summer, head for the ocean where it will be 68 degrees. If you want to see a major league football, basketball or baseball game, just head south to L.A.

If you want want a desert adventure, head east to the Mojave Preserve and the Mojave Trail.

Living in Central California from Bakersfield to the south to Redding to the north is like living in the hub of a wheel. There are great destinations in all directions that are only a short ride away.

I have ridden 60,000 miles all over the the western USA in the past 4 years and have traveled extensively to the east coast in past years and haven't found a better place to live.

There are many pros and cons no matter where you live depending on what is important to you. Decide what your priorities are and make your decision. just my 2 cents........
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