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day seven Beaver Creek Yukon to Dawson city.

Day seven I awake to see this;

Outside the tent the sun is shining, and I know its going to be an epic day. The three high lightsof this trip before I started, were to be the Telegraph Creek road, in and out, next up the the Top of the World Hwy to Dawson City. I set myself up for this day, by making it to Beaver Creek. I am stoked about what adventure lies ahead. I had heard all kinds of stories about the Top of the World Hwy, and couldn't wait to do it for myself. I pack up after a quick shower, and ride out of my campsite. I stop for gas, and they place has coffee, and muffins, so that's what is for breakfast. The road begins to climb up out of Beaver Creek, and leads to another US customs border crossing. I get through with a few questions from the border guy, and I am back in Alaska.
Climbing up the road is nice and smooth, overlooking a valley below.
Some of the scenery on the way to Tok, Alaska;

I am starting to look pretty scruffy by this point

I arrive in Tok, Alaska, and have to make a decision. Should I continue on to Fairbanks, or stick with my plan to ride to Dawson city today. I gas up, and see a big building across the road, called Alaska gifts. I pull up in front of a enclosed glass case, with a big stuffed moose inside. I hope this is not the only moose I see on my trip. I really wanted to see a moose or two! I have seen lots of wildl life so far, but no moose yet.
I decide I better get a couple of souvenirs for my wife. Inside I decide to stick with my plan. Fairbanks will have to wait for another trip. I wish I had more time!
Leaving Tok, I backtrack to where the Taylor Hwy junction is at Tetlin Junction. There was once a cool little cafe/ gas station here. This is whats left;

The Taylor Hwy heads up into the hills, and after a few miles I run into a construction crew, with a bit a traffic. The Sign girl waves me up to the front, and we have a good chat.
Once the way is clear, I blast off ahead of the cars behind me.
Taylor Hwy;

The view goes on for miles, I am thankful the weather is sunny, and the road is dry

The bike looks clean, after its (wash) from yesterday.

After clipping along at a fast pace, the road changes from rough pavement, to dirt/ gravel either surface its all fun!
Eventually I roll into Chicken, Alaska!

This is the huge gold dredger in Chicken. There was gold in this area, and Chicken was a happening place, during the gold rush days. Its a little quieter now.

After taking this picture, I got back on, and tried to turn around. The front tire hit a rut, and with no momentum, I dropped it on the left side. The ground was hard pack dirt, so no damage, just to my pride. I was so embarrassed, I yanked the bike up fully loaded. Only one person saw me, and he came over to help. I had a laugh, and continued on. My pride only slightly damaged.

Downtown Chicken;

Inside the Chicken Saloon;

I was ready for lunch at this point, so went into the Chicken Creek Cafe. Wow amazing! fresh baked cookies, and brownies all over the counter. Lots of good things on the menu.
I met the people who run the place, they were super friendly. This is of course a stop off for the Dust to Dawson bike run every June. I ended up getting a free D to D ball cap, and I bought a D to D thermal shirt. Lunch was delicious;

The two kids in the picture were hitchhiking across Alaska, the birds were snacking on their food, went they went inside
I had a nice break in Chicken, I could have stayed here longer, there was camping available, but I moved on.
The place is incredible, its in the middle of nowhere, and the hospitality they showed me was amazing. I said goodbye and away I went.
The road from here gets a little more rustic, this is why I spent a fortune on The Heidanaus. They were great on this loose surface, they give me confidence to go fast.
On the way to the Top of the world;

After miles of great scenery, I arrived at Canada customs. This is the most northern international border crossing in the world. Its in the mountains way up in the middle of nowhere.

Once again back in Canada! It was to be my last day in Alaska, I will have to dedicate my next trip up here to seeing more of this incredible state.
Another Yukon sign photo op;

I was getting closer to Dawson City! 105 km/ 65 miles of the best road yet! (until tomorrow!)

The road continues along the top of the mountain ridges;

More amazing views;

After a while I come to this landmark;

From here the road starts winding its way down to The Yukon river way below. Eventually I come to this view;

The ferry crossing here takes a few minutes, and I arrive in Dawson City, Yukon!! Holy #&%@*ck, I cant believe I am here. What a day of riding. I am feeling good but tired. The road requires 100% concentration. You do not want to crash in the middle of nowwhere. I cruise through town, looks like a happening place. Lots of tourists around. I ride to the outskirts of town, and find a campground. its got a pay pressure wash, so tomorrow the Wee gets a wash.
I set up camp, and head back into Dawson. I ride around slowly, taking pictures, and looking for a place to eat;

The place has a real wild west atmosphere. all the roads are still dirt, except the main drag through town.

Lots of cool old preserved buildings;

Turns out Robert Service came from Scotland, settled in Victoria, BC, and worked in a bank there.(The old bank is now called The Bard and Banker Pub, named after Robert service. They even have a beer there named after him! Its right downtown in Victoria, check it out, great place!)

The Downtown Hotel;

Famous old paddle wheeler, The Keno;

I never went inside this place, looked like a good place to get into trouble

I found a lively place called the Drunken Goat taverna, and sat down to a big Chicken souvlaki dinner plate, and a couple of tasty beers.
There are people here during the summer months, from all over the world. good place to people watch. The waitress was from Australia, and she talked to me for a while. Its interesting to find out how people come to work in such remote places. The food is very good here, it was the busiest place in Dawson.
After a good meal, I decided to take a trip up the Dome mountain road, just outside of town. The road is a blast, and lots of switchback corners to make it fun. The view at the top is 360 degrees!

I stayed up here and watched the sun set. It stays light up here until late in the summer!
After the sun went down, I rode back down to my camp site. I went to bed and I was just about asleep. I heard The sound of running hooves clopping along, and getting closer. Next thing I know, this hooved creature trips over one of tent fly lines, and just about lands on top of me, inside the tent. I hear it run off. Holy crap! it scared the hell out of me
I had to get up and check things out. Just a pulled out fly line, quickly fixed and back into the tent to try to sleep.
Some kids I saw earlier arrive and start playing guitar, and singing and laughing. I am to tired to be bothered, and soon fall asleep.
Day seven Beaver Creek to Dawson City via the Top of the world highway approx 430 KMs. An Epic day
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