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Need Help!

OK, here's one place I definitely need some feedback. Background if you haven't been following along (skip to pix if you have) The main harness connector to the headlight I could not find with positive latches that kept it from coming disconnected; (my original wiring harness had been pretty butchered, which included the 15 pin main harness connector). I had at one time RTV'd it to the headlamp bucket, and although ugly, that seemed to work, but now with all new parts I'm trying to do things right. The first picture shows a left turn, the harness stretched to the max, the second the opposite. I need some input on how best to orient, run, strain relief or not, the harness. (While you're at it, I'd appreciate any comments on whether the throttle cables should be going thru the frame hole with the grommet like I now have it.) That's the way it was when I took it apart, and it seems like it could handle turns ok that way....

The P clamp is not connected, just something I was thinking about...
OK, so now in a right turn, you can see the harness wanting to bend outward from the frame...

My first thought is to use the Pclamp to keep it close to the frame where it will be under the gas tank, and to tighten the Pclamp on the cable where a left turn has enough cable room not to try to pull the connector apart, and in the right turn situation, the harness will be clamped close enough to the frame that it doesn't want to fray on the underside of the gas tank. Not sure if I need to do any more strain relief type stuff on the back of the headlamp, for now I think not. I never found exactly the right female 15 pin Molex connector, even though I ordered a number, so I used one that had small metal dimples inside to give a little extra friction, and drilled shallow matching relief divots in the male version. Works pretty well, but I don't want to push my luck with more pull-apart strain. It won't matter if it is strained in the push together position (right turn). Seems like a trivial thing to need help on, but that's pretty normal for me. Once I'm comfy with this, I'm ready to start wiring up the back end of the harness. That shouldn't take too long compared to the last coupla weeks. Thanks in advance if you have any input for me. roy
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