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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee View Post
I won't even step foot in a Dick's anymore - they screwed a bunch of people over after the Newton shooting by canceling their orders for ARs - including screwing over the company they had an ongoing contract with to sell the ARs.

I won't deal with sellers who pulls such BS on their customers or the businesses they deal with or that cave to political pressure.

That said, it is not uncommon to have a purchase be delayed where it is subject to a background check. The seller cannot do anything about it if the background check is required by law for purchase - the agency doing the check returns a "delayed" status and then you just have to wait. Sometimes it comes back in an hour, sometimes a few days. It probably would not do any good to go elsewhere either as they will hit the same roadblock - if they don't then that means the delay was removed.
im with you. i will never go into dicks sporting goods again. they used the shootincg in Ct. to advertise their bullshit stores.
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