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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee View Post
I won't even step foot in a Dick's anymore - they screwed a bunch of people over after the Newton shooting by canceling their orders for ARs - including screwing over the company they had an ongoing contract with to sell the ARs.

I won't deal with sellers who pulls such BS on their customers or the businesses they deal with or that cave to political pressure.

That said, it is not uncommon to have a purchase be delayed where it is subject to a background check. The seller cannot do anything about it if the background check is required by law for purchase - the agency doing the check returns a "delayed" status and then you just have to wait. Sometimes it comes back in an hour, sometimes a few days. It probably would not do any good to go elsewhere either as they will hit the same roadblock - if they don't then that means the delay was removed.
Background check is done when you apply for your Permit to Purchase a firearm. I have never had any other store do it's "own" background check. Walk in with your permit, current driver's license and money into any other gun dealer and you walk out with a gun.

Unfortunately I like Dick's for some of there other sporting goods and clothing, so I will return, but I will not try to buy another firearm from them.
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