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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
Regarding the use of the connector as an accessory power source. I think the connector is supplied switched 12V through one wire when the key is on, and the other wire is a switched ground from the Motronic ECU to operate the solenoid at the proper time. That means you should be able to use the switched 12V wire to power a phone charger or what not. If it is switched 12V you can easily pull a few amps from that gauge wire over 2 meters.

p.s.: I would verify the wiring instead of just from memory, but I don't have the pdf wiring diagram handy. I bet someone on here will check that for you. Hey you guys. Who has the factory 1150 wiring diagram handy?

Thanks to all for the good info, I can't read a wiring diagram but I'll put my multimeter on it to see what it does. I've already run a fused wire direct from the battery, but if I can utilize this power it will be less wires and a little tidier. I wonder if I could find a plug to fit it?

Originally Posted by Ken Fritz View Post
That's the plug for the charcoal cannister solenoid. You must not have the cannister. It looks as though the solenoid is missing for sure. I know - I removed all that crap from my 1150GS yesterday to fit something else in place of the cannister.
Don't suppose you'd sell me the matching plug that you removed so I can have a cleaner connection point? :)

Thanks, gentlemen!
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