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We put random numbers on the side, so you have an excuse to hang it up and no one knows the difference. We have no idea if any of the numbers mean anything, it just seemed like a good idea

Last year I was at a race in Daytona some one was typing in the dates of the rest of the years schedule on their I phone. After they were done, they suggested to me how I should have put really big blocks with dates and room to write. It would be a lot more useful He then asked the person at the window for the address of tomorrows race, types it in his GPS and was on his way.

I'm guessing for the room that he needed for that information, next years calendar will be printed on a bill board

The way I look at it. Its all bout girls and motorcycles
I got my Metroracing calender up in the garage because Metro was so nice to supply all sorts of swag for our ACR awards dinner, Don went WAY over the top in supporting our event so I will support Metro any time I can! Thanks Donzzilla!!!!

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