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Originally Posted by HAPPYTRAILSINC View Post
sounds like uv'e already bitten off more than u can chew by entering no the less riding to and from such event!!
how are u gonna pit/ refuel/ what if u get hurt yada yada
cant wait to hear the ride/race report though!!!
wanna see lottsa pics
All, thanks for the advice so far, keep it coming! Hopefully, the pavement will be clear at the very least!

Happy: No worries, I appreciate the advice as well. Actually, I have pit support with some friends and family meeting me out there. I was thinking of leaving the day before and camping out there overnight. It would be crazy to leave the day of!

I know the pig can do it but we'll see how I do. Pics below are from Baja 11/13 -11/17/2012. We were doing 150-200 mile days every day and that bike didn't bat an eye. I haven't ridden much this winter since then so I'll be shaking off the cobwebs with this race.

Ride/race report to follow. This has been a fun project so far. I bought the bike as an experiment to see how little I could spend and how much I could do with one bike (the money part should be easy cause I'm broke ). $2,300 on the bike $500 to plate/convert. I'm using Mobil 1 motorcycle oil from Autozone (my KTM would cry, my wallet doesn't), Primary Drive sprockets/chain from Rocky Mountain etc. I bought the Baja Designs race light for the Baja which has been the only real piece of equipment I've bought for it, other than the dual sport kit.
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