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Well, that sucks. Hope you heal up fast and well.

BTDT with riding in a leg cast, (TibFib compound fracture, yep, bike crash). What you need is a heel-toe shifter so you can bang the shifts up and down, or rather down front and down back, with the cast. Ideally with the walking cast's footie thing. You will need a small leather bag to put over your toes, cause that air blowing up the cast is COLD! And don't even think about when it warms up and the bugs are out.

As for the story, you were coming down 78 from a fun ride around the Salton Sea and when you lane split coming into Julian to get thru traffic and bumped a 1%er's chopper with your side case, (dude, see the scratches!?), and had to wick it up a tad to get out of sight heading down 79. You totally lost them in the twisties North of Harrison Park, but then when you did a mirror/head check after getting thru Cuyamaca State Park, you look back ahead and a fricking Lexus SUV is 3/4 in your lane coming strait thru the corner causing you to run on the white line and you nearly lost it, but managed to dab & grab some throttle and squeeze by and thankfully back on the road for the last easy run down to 8 and a boring 40 minute slab home.

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