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The engineer/designer for the aux lights on the GSA must have been a old GM guy. "If we design these with weak plastic mouting frames we can clean up on replacement part sales." I pulled mine off after the 3rd super glue back together incident. Those thing snapped off if you looked at them sideways.

You guys are crazy spending the bucks you are on the Rigid lights. Do some research and you can find the same factory in China that sells direct online. Got mine and spliced/wired them right into the OEM aux light harness. They work awesome and i'm all in for $60 including shipping.
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Not being independently wealthy, supporting 2 kids in college and having to work for a living; $60 vs $300 is a big deal for me. Guess I'm just a 99%'r that happens to commute to work on a GSA every day.

Got nothing against anyone spending their money, not like this is a government approved $685 hammer or anything but geez! Marketing and packaging sholdn't cost that much.

options brother, that's what makes the USA great

+1000, Chinks gotta eat too....

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