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Originally Posted by Beez View Post
Loving the photos Flug!
thanks mate and thanks for all the other compliments. here are the cliff notes on my james stewart close ups. someone mentioned earlier about andrew short being a full privateer, I guess that means you only have a a full size 18 wheeler and not the obligatory custom motor coach to lounge in when your not in the 18 wheeler. I was down by Stewarts "compound" and saw him go into the motor coach. I figured what goes in must come out so I waited, like a hunter in a tree stand. didn't take long and out he came helmet and gear on and I bagged him. Luck was with me as he rode out of the canvas enclosure on my end with the mechanic on the back. there was a portable fenced lane that the riders took from the pits, across the street and actually on the street to the tunnel that got them into the stadium. the lane of the street they were briefly on was not open to the cars. hey are those things insured and registered? anyway not 2 minutes later he comes back and stops RIGHT in front of me, mechaninc hops off, goes into the rig, comes back and away they go again. that's how I was able to get the really close up broadside shot. too cool. this was about 3pm which means once he left he went inside and promptly crashed. gordy's daughter got the crash video on her phone off the big screen and watching it was surreal. I know things aren't always as they look but damn that was a crash that never needed to happen. these guys amaze me at both the levels they ride and the occasional level they just seem to brain freeze and wad it. I think part of it might be they ride with the clutch as the throttle as in, the gas is always WFO they simply regulate their forward motion via the clutch. I've said it before and I'll say it again nobody is more in awe of these guys than me but I've seen enough pro level racing on TV and in person in the last few years to conclude that as skilled as they are they on occasion screw up under very ordinary situations. wierd.

glad everybody liked the pics I know sometimes people get upset when you post lots of motocross/supercross pictures even in motocross/super cross threads but I guess it takes all kinds. unfortunately.

post more this weekend I went from a play weekend in dallas to stuck in ohio till thursday for work. so can't post anymore till I get home. still got about 900 pictures of the monster energy girls, 600 of the girl on the right alone. the pictures all look the same but it's just hard to walk away...

hey speaking of which, doesn't Diana Dahlgren (mega goddess) look a lot like Penny (minor goddess) from the Big Bang Theory?
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