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A few predicaments with a R60/5.

Hi folks. I have a 71 R60/5 with some issues, I am hoping you guys can help!

The bike in question, with it's usual puddle of trans fluid and some engine oil underneath it.

It's current state.

First off is the engine. It seems to have a lot of crankcase pressure. It leaks everywhere. I've also noticed that the oil pressure dummy light instantly goes off when the kick starter is depressed trying to kick start the bike. (Even when the engine doesn't fire.) Is this normal? Or do I have high oil pressure?

As of right now I have the clutch out for a rear main seal and new oil pump o-ring (again). Is there anyway to check the oil pump to see what kind of pressure it's putting out?Is there anyway to adjust it?

Rear main seal area and oil pump after some major cleanup.

I'm also doing the conversion to the new style reed valve breather and a new hose to try and control the oil. I've also heard that I should only be filling the oil up to halfway in between the min and max on the dipstick.

Pulled the old breather out.

The engine is in top condition. New rings, ball hone, valves and guides as of six thousand miles ago. No smoke and 130 PSI in both cylinders.

Second up is the Transmission. A couple years back the kicker pin fell into the transmission. I sent it to a local airhead guy who took the back cover off and fixed the kicker. Kickstarter and trans work great now. But the back cover now leaks oil.

How hard is it to just take the cover off and regasket?? Do I need a special tool to pull the driveshaft flange on the back?

The trans.

Lastly, is the rear drive. It seems that it leaks out of the weep hole. Does that mean that the inside seal is leaking? I'm assuming that is a hell of a job to replace? The brake area seems to be dry.

I think it weeps out of the top weep hole. Hard to tell though.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks guys!
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