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Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
Unless it's changed, there's no pit access for any but racers and their crews. It's right downtown, go early and parking isn't bad. You can get out for supper, but I didn't find anything close that was open. Business district, mostly. Staying downtown will be expensive, cheaper to get a place towards the border.
thanks for the info Drify. to tell you the truth the pit party is half the fun, I'd still go if any locals want to but it's nice to know ahead of time things like that. I really didn't see much of practice in Dallas considering there are literally hours of it but the weather was so nice the pits were a real hoot.

one thing on the pit party, maybe cowboy stadium won't allow it but the only thing available to eat in the pits (that you could buy) was soda and cotton candy. give me a break get some grills out here, coffee, pizza, ANYTHING?

no biggie the stadium was open but still they probably left thousands of dollars in revenue on the table that was just waiting to be swept up.
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