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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
Tell me a little more about that tent and cot set up.
Cal, Maybe TMI, but I have been an expert Bum for several years. I'm serious about nice, comfortable sleeping outside.

First, here's an older, modified off-the-shelf system (in the rain):

I've gone thru developing my own lightweight cheap cot-bivy up to the current system you see below.

The bivy is a Catoma IBNS (+ rain fly). This will be it's maiden voyage, but so far, so good. Good zippers and nice bug mesh and it has left or right entry. Good, but not great, star-viewing visibility. It also has 4 straps to secure it to the cot. It seems like a quality bivy system. The rain fly could be lighter.

The camping cot is a slightly modified Texsport model 15044 75"x26"x16"h. I've had many of these and they have been evolving nicely (at the expense of weight) It's the best Texsport 15044 so far.

Cot + Bivy + Rain Fly weigh 16Lbs.

I store everything (plus a small 4-legged chair pictured in the top photo) in a modified tactical 36" gun bag (it's padded and flat). (bottom picture sitting atop my sea of aluminum) The sleeping bag and bivy get packed on top. I need only 2 ROK Straps hold it to the bike (for ease of luggage entry)

A Neo-Air Thermarest is always under my 5 degree Western Mountaineering sleeping bag in the bivy.
I use a lightweight blanket/towel between the bag and the Neo-Air for cold weather and for humid weather (coastal camping) I use that blanket/towel on top of the sleeping bag to capture the dew.

Total weight for every thing is a skosh above 20 Lbs.

I'm slowly developing my ultimate prototype that combines several cot-bivy components and packs down to less than 2 feet wide, and weighs about 15 Lbs. (case, sleeping bag and chair, included!)
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