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Originally Posted by RememberTheFallen View Post
Thanks for the help!

Oddly enough, the guy selling that wheel had an add on here last week that had the same wheel in it. The thread was deleted because of a rule violation. I still PMed him and he said that someone backed out and that I could have it. I was ready to purchase but upon closer inspection noticed rust all around the nipples, spokes, and hub on the close photos he sent me. For that price I expect the wheel to be in a lot better shape! Before I could reply and change my mind he was banned on here ("temporarily" for an unrelated incident according to a mod) and I have not heard from since. He is brand new on here and that forum. Seems pretty shady. Thanks for the link though!

I want to put a k60 on the Cush wheel and ride it like a true dual sport bike. I would keep my stock wheel with a d606 on it for aggressive off road. You think the Cush wheel will hold up to that?

* in that link Motorfiets (from this forum) called dibs on the wheel 9 mins after the above post. Evidently he joined ktm forums after seeing the post Smiley Rider made to call dibs on it! Being the nice guy that I am I advised him of the situation! LOL.
and I thank you for the heads up!!!

as for a cush drive wheel - I actually ordered a hub from my dealer cause I gave up trying to find a wheel - this wheel popped up and I'm glad you pointed it out to me!
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