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Tonight's discoveries were straightforward. Rear seal actually pulled out easily. I wonder what left the bright mark on the flywheel mating surface? Is this normal? Not a ridge, just a highly polished line.

Teeth on the flywheel looked fine until I took this close up photo. Looks like the Bendix has chewed up the teeth a little - is this flywheel toast?

Cylinders are perfect with exception of course of the pitting on the left one. Pistons seem to be in spec - can still see the original machining on the piston walls. These are the original pistons (or rather, they have the markings of the original ones of 73.47 B), I'm a little mystified - the hone marks look fresh in the cylinder barrels. The ring end gaps are way out of specification - almost like the last mechanic mixed up metric and standard measurements.Or do the rings just wear like this? This would possibly explain oily buildup on exhaust.

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