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Originally Posted by AZDavis View Post
I know that a few people have asked for "after" pics and I am now the unfortunate owner of a couple. The radiator guard performed very well, I can only assume that is because as the bike cartwheeled it came down fully on the skid plate which is bent to 'heck' in a pile of bowling ball and larger rocks. I am happy to report however that the wreck was Wednesday, the bike was ridden for another hour out of the woods and the real damage wasn't discovered until today when I was performing an oil change and had to get a pry bar out to move the skid plate enough to have access to the oil filter. All I can think is that had the plate NOT been installed that the bike would have come down full force on either the engine cradle or the bottom of the engine case, either of which would likely have been catastrophic, in more ways than one. Judging by the cracking paint on the frame it may be a little bent now anyway... I'll post the pics in the morning in the shared google folder I have created. More good news, Pro Taper KX High bars were installed at the same time as the skid plate (without hand guards as yet since they are larger) survived well and un-injured. I have to believe that these bars are as tough as everyone says now.

Just in case anyone knows, I was trying to take the short 5 mile version of Srvc rd 393 from the Beeline highway down to Bartlett Lake in the Tonto NF. The 20 mile long version of that road which starts at the top of Mt Ord looks great and certainly pedestrian (and more enjoyable!) compared to where we last week. I'll let you know in a couple weeks!
WOW! Good thing you had it on there. Good thing your alive. I had mine out today just running in the rain. It's finally warming up some up here. Can't wait for the pics.
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