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Things that worked on the trip:

The Motofizz camping bag. Simply outstanding. Secure. Huge. Well thought out. I want the black one.

My BMW Savanna2 jacket and Airflow 2 pants with BMW goretex liner. As good as it gets for temps from 104 to 33. But I'm not very cold sensitive. Or sensitive. ;)

The BMW low seat. I'm 6'3" but having that extra purchase saved my ass several times. With the Alaska Leathers Barb's Buttpad it was comfortable enough (but I'm not very butt sensitive either).

The big giant Adventurer's Workshop risers. Great for standing. Adequate for sport-biking. Reasonable trade-off this trip.

The TT LC tankbag. Maybe the only bargain in the whole damn catalog. Perfect size.

Under-Armor T-shirt and man girdle underwear. Wash it in the sink. Dries fast. Ready to go again.

TKC 80 front. The perfect front tire. Can hoon on the street and still bites down in the dirt. Outrageously good.

TKC 80 rear. Not perfect on the street. Slowed me down from my Anakee2/Tourance pace but still pretty decent. Massively better in the dirt than anything else. And , for this trip, it was the right choice. Almost gone at 1800 miles so very expensive to run.

The afore-mentioned INEGI free downloadable maps. Out of date but country roads don't change much.

My own adaptation. I used a Belkin armband for iphone as an ankle wallet inside my boot. Secure, reasonably waterproof, and worked like a champ.

My little dry bag for my insurance papers, etc worn on a lanyard. $10 at Academy. Always had it close. Not uncomfortable at all.

AT&T iphone with a data plan and 80 minutes of voice. Nice to have. Verizon sucked. Everywhere.

My Hyper-Pros. Worked great. Dialed up the pre-load about 4 full turns and some road manners came back. Worked fantastic in the dirt. Never bottomed.
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