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So no different. Lol
For the San Flippy 2fiddy the bikes and the cars all race on the same day, bike start first. After Laguna Diablo, the Sportsman bikes will cross the mountains via a different canyon (thus a shorter race course) than the pro classes. IF you are racing in a PRO class there is NO difference.

Pre-running alone hacks the race course up. Word from locals is that seasonal rains have flattened out all of the washes. I too think that the average car speeds may kick up a bit due to the lack of "moving targets".

There is NO intention increase in entry fees to get the needed monies to cover the expenses of running the bikes on a different day. He is looking for someone/company (aka: Title Sponsor) to pay up front to cover the expenses. I know of one individual who was contacted to put up the money in the name of safety (wasn't happening).

The first year of the Trophy Truck class, we raced the Trophy Trucks the day before everyone else at the SF 250. It was boring as hell and was a complete flop. Back then every thing was completely different in that class, ALL of the Trophy Truck entries were "Factory" teams. Not until the following year did Jimmy Smith in the Ultra Wheels Trophy Truck become the first Privateer entry (that same "Truck" became the first Herbst Trophy Truck and now is the PCI/Fabtech Trophy Truck, I digress.......) Sorry PUI..
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