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Thought I'd add what happened to mine yesterday. Since the road book mount for the 640 isn't really how I'd like I thought I'd see what I could build from stuff in the shed. Its not how I'd like exactly but it does have the ability to change in the future once I get my road book holder finished. Its steel at the moment and a bit heavier than I'd like, also I'll lose if I decided to get a closer look at the front wheel unexpectedly. There is plenty of space to fit the tacho, and I will fit a taller clear screen soon which the instruments will hide behind. Its made of 4mm alloy, a 40 x 20mm piece of delrin at the bottom with 10mm side plates, with a 20 x 40mm piece in the middle.

For what I am going to use it for (recreational stuff, nothing hardcore etc) this will probably do. I plan to use some of the ABS sheet I have lying around to make a cover similar in shape to the original cover (which housed the instruments) which will make it look closer to stock. There will be quite a few changes to this before it gets left alone, bolt diameters etc, but for now and with zero dollar expense I'm happy with how it turned out.

Plus there hadn't been a post here for a while and I thought this might spark a debate........
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