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Originally Posted by tbarstow View Post
The biggest difference between the two is the Mexican States that they are in. Los Algodones is in Baja California and San Luis is in Sonora. For Sonora, I believe you may need to do the vehicle import stuff, which also entails some cash.

Good luck, as the time of year you have laid out will ensure that it is very hot during the day, and a bit cooler at night.

There is no difference for crossing into either Baja Norte or Sonora. If you enter into Sonora you can go down as far south as San Carlos/Guaymas and then take the ferry over to Baja. You can run all of Baja and the upper part of Sonora without a T.V.I.P.

Hope that helps you out. Also for those crossing at Douglas/Agua Prieto you can go southwest to Guaymas, on highway #2 then south on Highwat 15D to Guaymas. That route is OK'd by the Mexican Officals.

How do we know well we had a friend that couldn't go to Copper Canyon with us since he failed to turn in his TVIP from his last trip and we left him at Agua Prieto why we went to CC. He ended up going to Guaymas and took the ferry having fun for a week in Baja. Live and learn they do check you at the border and they will check you out at the offical insepection stations further south. No proper paper and they will turn you around.

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