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Originally Posted by Hesaid View Post
Do I want to clean up my backside?

As it would turn out, I'm going to be doing some work on the backside of Shesaid's bike, several parts will need replaced. She has decided she wants the factory look, which is fine, but it offers the opportunity for me to take the factory parts from my bike, and put them on her's, while replacing mine with the backside cleanup kit from Procycle:
(NOTE: pic is a link, but you'll have to scroll down a bit for the kit info)
I have been thinking about this mod for a while, but hadn't made up my mind. Now, due to some recent events (Faceplant ), I could actually make this come out as a "free" upgrade, as the kit costs less than all new Suzuki parts.

Should I do it?

I did it. If you go ahead with it, I'd recommend center-punching and then drilling a 3rd hole for a bolt in the license tag, down at the bottom tip. My tag started tearing with just the 2 upper bolts.

I currently use just the flushmount tail/brake light from the Procycle kit, with an LED 1157 bulb that flashes 3x then goes solid. I also use the stock black lower fender piece, the stock license illuminator with a 194 LED bulb from, and a Procycle license-mount stashbox bolted to where the stock tag bracket and lower rub-nubby used to be. The black lower fender piece protects better from mud flinging up on my back. Mine is trimmed up a little though. It only protrudes beneath the tag by about .5". I also have some BRIGHT red 8" LED strips on either side of my fender.

I like the look and functionality of my current setup. My tail/brake light looks nice and neat, and it isn't likely to bust apart like the stocker did. I have a locking compartment for registration and my pressure gauge. I have side and rear red reflectors. My back doesn't get slathered in mud. My tail is seen better and uses less wattage than stock. My tag is fastened at all 4 corners.

I'd get just the light and a stashbox. Put a 3x flash LED 1157 bulb in the light. Put an LED 194 bulb in the tag-illumination housing. Add red LED strips on either side of the fender, either upper or lower piece.
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