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Originally Posted by RememberTheFallen View Post
I have been trying to find a used Cush hub wheel for my bike for quite a while with no luck. Would like to keep my stock wheel set up as is with a dirt oriented tire. Looked at Woody's wheel but $970 before sprocket, rotor, tire, and tube is getting out of my price range.

Found that they still sale new 640 wheels and sprocket carriers. Motorsport has the cush wheel at $420 and sprocket carrier at $140 plus $30 for dampers.

I know the Woody's wheel uses a billet RAD hub, stronger rim, and better lacing but I am wondering if it is worth that much more to Someone like me? I can probably afford the new oem now but would have to wait a while on the Woodys wheel.

What do you all think? Keep looking for a good used wheel? Buy the oem wheel for $590? Or wait and get the Woody's wheel for $970 in 6-8 months? Obviously money is a factor. I can't spend a ton but I want to to do some long highway miles without worry about my countershaft and would like to smooth out the ride. Thanks for any help!


I would call woody for some hard numbers from the horses mouth with the various options. I also wouldn't spend the same amount on the oem hub and carrier as a RAD hub. If you can afford the oem hub and carrier, you can afford the RAD hub. Woody will sell you just one of those too.

I would also check the "completed listings" rate for a KTM wheel on eBay to get a fair market price analysis to see what you'll be able to get for yours if you want to go that route vs a trade in or rim swap.

While I did wait too long, I've been looking, researching and trying to figure the best/cheapest way to get a strong Cush hub wheel on my bike since I bought it.
In the end, buying a Woodys made most sense for the long run, or ride if you will. The small difference to have full on woodys wheel i wouldn't bend made sense for me, took me a while to get there, but no regrets. I've not been able to bend a Woodys wheel in the past, if I'm already spending $600 for the hub, then I want the whole package.

There's lots of talk a few pages back in the owners thread with options and numbers getting discussed, but i would call Woody or Zach before making a decision. good luck.

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