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The trail dumped us out at the end of an old service road. Round a corner and I see something up ahead. Thought it was just a pile of old rags or carpet, until it started to move...

And then we were attacked by vicious desert dwelling creatures ...
Well, maybe they were just puppies

I'm sure someone had just dumped them out here in the boonies. Looked like they had been hiding in a ditch under a bush for a day or two, waiting for their dirtbag 'master' to come back.

We gave them whatever suitable snacks we had and a bit of water, but didn't seem like much else we could do at the time.

With a tear in my eye, We continued on more sweet single-track

Making our way towards I15, all the while I was thinking what more could be done for the pups

Arrived at Summit Inn to find two other bike parked out front. Turned out to be Browneye and friend. Hi guys
After lunch, they went over to the gas station to practice tube changing skills before the nOOb rally.

We sat down for lunch and discussed the situation. Made a few phone calls, but nothing panned out. Dad was just about done for the day, ready to head home. Thats okay, I know he does what he can. Glen and I figured we could at least take some food and water back out to the dogs, but with just two of us that would be about it.

Fortunately, a familiar sounding LC8 pulled up momments later. Marty (fmfpunk) was out for a late ride and knew there was a good chance of finding me a Summit Inn

At least now we had the power of three

Picked up some water and a small bag of dog food at the mini-mart, then set off on a rescue mission.

Fellow ADVer Canpile lives in the area and I knew he had a soft spot for dogs. We headed over to his place, but found nobody home. Ah well...

Back into the boonies ...

We arrived at the spot to find the pups still waiting right where we left them.

I think they smelled the biscuits before Marty even had them off the bike.


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