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New BMW rings will most likely have the same huge gap. Despite there monster gaps, I have had better luck with stock rings versus aftermarket. The aftermarket rings I have used and seen used are too thin allowing too much ring groove clearance resulting in too much ring flutter and poor oil control. Some people forget that the rings seal on BOTH sides. On the cylinder wall? Most people get that but they also need to seal on the piston! On that note, check your pistons' top ring groove. The top side of that top groove wears on BMW pistons. If they are worn, you can see it with a magnifying glass. The wear doesn't go all the way back to the back of the groove. You can see the ridge if there is one right where the ring always rides in the groove. A lot of people measure the ring groove clearance by putting their feeler gauges all the way to the back of the groove. The groove is always like brand new back there and will measure like brand new even though the groove is badly worn further out where it actually matters. Good luck!
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