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Originally Posted by gavo View Post
Then it's back on the road, yesterday was good but today was mind blowing, the roads are good, the views are brilliant, route 7 to route 13 North, up and down all day, never have I ridden such stunning terrain....

Route 7 is terrific especially around Nam Chat, be a blast on a motard and the views, well you just have to see it live.
Only did 13 from Xiang Ngeun noth to Luang Prabang but I didn't find a road I didn't enjoy
Hey a few years time Laos will be a sports bike paradise...Imagine doing that on a 748....

This one...if somebody can find it, some B#%%^ nicked it..

Originally Posted by RDT953 View Post
I'm itching to go back right now. Hey thanks for the info on the purchase price.I think it's a bit difficult to buy a bike in Thailand on just a tourist visa, but from another report on this forum it seems that a valid entry stamp and tourist visa is all that's required in Malaysia.
I was considering taking my little Honda from here in Australia via Timor and Indonesia, might have to rethink that now.
Can I PM you to get more information on the volunteer work, I'm on the cusp of retirement and looking for something meaningful to do.
Thanks RDT, jump on a plane I got spare Lifan in Chaing Mai you can use.....there are ways of buying your own bike in Thailand, much easier than importing I think and a whole lot cheaper......PM me.

As for volunteer work I can hook you up with some good people doing some really good stuff. When I set out on this ride I always wanted to help somebody out, my travels I have found many, but 2 really leap out at me LEOT and a school project I am working on with a local Laos man down south to provide school uniforms and educational equipment.

I have been keeping quiet about the good causes but it will aired when we are finished putting it together.

Every little bit help out here 5 bucks can make somebody day a whole lot brighter, a little aid box like the one below can make a whole school happy..

Look forward to talking more with you...Bye for now..

More here..
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