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Originally Posted by Laconic View Post
The wires inside the outer jacket are layed typically in the right hand direction, therefore an extension cord should always be handled the same way you would handle a right layed line; coiled in a clockwise direction or faked (not flaked) for storage. If you want it to last, uncoil it the same amount prior to use so it won't get kinked.

See page 7-13.

I'd have to throw that one you have away just on principle, it would drive me nuts.
Throw it away? Hell no, it's 12 ga. Ain't like it's gonna burst into flames. Maybe if I coil it the other way (?) a few times it will un-kink? Guess I should stretch it out and give it a bunch of turns--that ought to fix it.

Knot tying was rough for me in Boy Scouts. I can tie a square know and a decent bowline, but that other stuff comes out NFG.
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