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Originally Posted by Benesesso View Post
Thanks for the replies. It was never pulled in tension, but I didn't know there's a wrong way to coil an extension cord/line.

I feel so dumb, having failed line storage 101.
Don't be hard on yourself, especially since I have pretty clear evidence that all of this "correct technique" advice is bullshit. I keep five or six high quality cords hanging in my van for my work. I am the only person that handles the cords. I do not abuse them, I keep them clean, inspect them regularly, and replace them when they show damage. I wrap them by holding the coil with the right hand, and loose draping the cord in 4-5' loops in a clockwise direction. Uncoiling involves dropping them on the deck and walking away with the male end. Currently there are four yellow medium and HD cords that look great. There are two blue (low temp.) cords also. One is fine, another looks as bad as your pic. I have seen this happen repeatly over the last three decades. My framer has a pile of Orange ones that are totally spiralled and kinked, and others that look fine. His crew of apes could wreck a rock with a pillow, so it's not like they follow any cord protocol. Bottom line is that it isn't rope, you don't need to get all queer and follow some military regiment of cord wrapping, and field evidence seems to indicate that it's all about the product and how it was manufactured. Don't wrap them tight around your elbow, don't wrap them long, then "cinch" the middle with a tight wrap of the cord, don't do that stupid fucking daisy chain wrap. Use the cheap plastic cable cuffs to hold them together if you want to, I do and they work well.

That , my friend, is my daily dose of unsolicited, semi-useful information. That is all.
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