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Unscrupulous operators. Now I know what a SIEZE feels like.

Guys, I stuffed up! Badly :(. Despite my gut instincts telling me to avoid the 'Retro' blokes I was speaking of, I rationalised that they have shitloads of old 2 strokes for sale so the must know their stuff. The mechanic says, "mate it's $125 for a service and I'll no doubt find the problem", I bump into the owner in the parking lot the same day, he seems like a good guy, and he says "my mechanic will find it". OK, $125 and they'll check the brakes and stuff I haven't bothered with AND they'll test the ignition. This is handy for me because I don't have the meters to check the ignition etc add to that buying the flywheel puller and I'm almost saving money.

I tell them that the timing is spot on and the carb seems fine but maybe one notch too rich and then I say, "I just want a service and to suss out this problem that happens after 25 minutes, this stuttering and eventual stall". When I drop it off the mechanic is "too busy" to chat. I reiterate to the lady about what I, the customer, want. Then, 2 days pass and I think to give them a call because I'm wary of their non-communication to talk to the mechanic to make sure he isn't going too far, or in the wrong direction. Once again he is "too busy". I'm getting bad feelings. I call again and get the same result. I got sick of waiting so I pop by the workshop. "Oh, it's ready!", the lady says. It's ready? Hmmm. So I talk to the mechanic and he's like "I just leaned your needle two notches." I'm dubious, this sounds too simple. He tells me the points and condenser are fine and timing is OK.

I KNEW that the timing was fine, it has been triple checked and I could have tuned the carby myself. All I asked for was the service in the hope they would find the problem. Oh, the cost... $313. Two hours extra labour there!!! I could have leaned the needle in 30 minutes and I'm a rookie.

I am pissed but if it is fixed, it is fixed, and I just want to get out of there. I get on the bike. The first traffic lights it stalls. I kick it over. Idling is rough and it stalls again. I try and turn the idle up (I have access to the idle rod via a neat little rubber boot on top of the carb). It's idling sporadically and at higher revs in 2nd gear it is rough as guts. I'm so angry. It stops on me 4 times in about 4 kms and is a bitch to start again. I try and take it back to them. It dies on me 4 times again. I enter the store all guns blazing with "mate, it's no good. it is a hell of a lot worse than when I brought it in. it won't idle. it's rough as hell. this isn't good enough." he agrees to take another look and decides to clean the float bowl for me or something and brings it back out. "idling ok now" he says. it is and it continues to idle well and run nicely for 5 minutes towards my house until it does the same old tricks.

Then while I'm trying to get it home, giving it a rest every little bit because it inevitably stalls, at 60km/h I feel my first ever real sieze. The sensation is exactly how you all have described. It's not the stuttering I have been otherwise experiencing.

Bastards. I have no doubt their ineptitude has exacerbated a problem that already existed BUT I took it to them to FIND the problem. Critical errors here are, firstly, leaning a carby TWO NOTCHES when your customer has said "I think it could be heat related" and then there are all the other issues of them overcharging me and not doing what I had asked as a customer.

Perhaps I was naive to take it to these guys after my gut feeling. Fair to say I'm paying the price now and I feel naive and stupid for handing over my bike to assholes.

The damage:

This plug is clearly too lean, isn't it? It is white after 10 minutes of running. It should show colour. I paid an extra $200 for a guy to do this and to cause the seizure in my engine.

Now I get to go back in there tomorrow to tell them I want my money back. Otherwise, it's consumer affairs or something. Do I have a leg to stand on?

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