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It looks like you are both having a wonderful time traveling in these interesting parts of the world. I've been to several of the areas and have both good and bad memories associated with things I've seen.

The plight of children is tragic, according to Unicef:

UNICEF and global partners define an orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents. By this definition there were over 132 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2005. This large figure represents not only children who have lost both parents, but also those who have lost a father but have a surviving mother or have lost their mother but have a surviving father.

Of the more than 132 million children classified as orphans, only 13 million have lost both parents. Evidence clearly shows that the vast majority of orphans are living with a surviving parent grandparent, or other family member. 95 per cent of all orphans are over the age of five.

THE CRITICAL THING FOR THESE AID ORGANIZATIONS IS THAT PEOPLE SIGN UP TO GIVE ROUTINELY, even if it's a small amount, that allows them to budget and plan what they can do and where the most good will be accomplished


To join a sponsorship programme, one needs to sign a commitment you may find enclosed to the Distance Support projects and send it by:

- MAIL to: Amici dei Bambini - Casella Postale 77 - 20077 Melegnano (MI)

- FAX - number 003902

- E-mail -

Within 15 days from reception Amici dei Bambini will take care of the matching and will send to the sponsor the following items:
- for child sponsorships, a photograph and an introductory file on his / her family;
- for sponsorships of an educational / health institution, an introductory file with photographs of the children hosted.
- A photocopy of the sponsorship contract signed by Amici dei Bambini's legal representative with the accompanying matching documents.
The first payment will be made only after receiving such documents.

For as long as the need lasts or for the duration of the project in which the child is inserted.
Yet, at any moment, a sponsor may withdraw from the Distance Support sponsorship, by giving three-months notice, to enable Amici dei Bambini to find a different sponsor.
The good you do is good for you!
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