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Originally Posted by Motomochila View Post
Seriously considering that conversion myself. Absolutely add the steering stabilizer. Even without the 21" wheel you will notice a major difference on dirt roads. Scotts Performance is finally saying they might have a kit this year. Go with that or a GPR. Much cheaper than the Rally-moto with exactly the same performance.

What clamps did you buy? Pics??
Thanks for your reply. It's The Ralle-Moto version. I don't have a picture but it's on their site.

Originally Posted by FlyingFinn View Post
If you're going to use a more aggressive knobby, I'd seriously recommend a damper.
The more 50/50 tires (like TKC. T63 etc.) are stable at speed on pavement but D908, Scorpion Rally etc. with very tall knobs and open thread pattern can be quite squirmy. To the point of getting unstable.
I'm talking about 75MPH+speeds on pavement.

I wouldn't run an aggressive tire without a damper.

Obviously the damper is nice also on loose / rocky offroad surface.

I have been running the TKC80s but I'm looking forward to trying something more aggressive now.

Originally Posted by bzrider View Post
i have been running a 21 for 35000 miles highway and extreme offroad at high speeds lots of sand and loaded interstate trips . I have never needed nor wanted a damper on a gs.
Of the two GSs I have ridden with the 21" front wheels, I never had any problems but each ride was short so I never got to try all types of terrain. Of the two owners, one felt it was needed but didn't want to spend the money and the other never thought it had been a problem not to have one. It seems that there is a real split about it's necessity.
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