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Always....always check the US location first.

I noticed while looking the other day they had the little Spad on sale for like $60....I also noticed they had pioneer on sale...i would say stay away from that plane....I had great hopes for it but I could not get it to fly worth crap....finally on the last crash I decided to trash it....still have not pulled the good stuff out yet, but it has left me a little wearry on their other planes. I have had mixed luck with their f9f Panther, It is a great plane when it flys, but it is built to a price point....first one lost a fan in mid flight....then it never really flew quite right after that. Second one had a bad servo right out of the box....I know we are talking sub $100 planes here so that is why I can give them a pass.....but these are not their planes, they are made by skyangel and only sold by them....the Pioneer is the first "hobby king" plane I have had and not impressed would be an understatement.
If their P26 ever goes on sale I will give that a try, or the Sky Raider I love that one as well.....they also have a nice 310 that I like, but not for full price.

I did buy a Banana Hobby Panther a few weeks ago, I have not got to fly it yet....just too darn windy, for the last week we have had 20+mph winds....with at times over a big snow storm is coming......I hate winter.

For all the bad press you read about Banana I have yet to have one single problem from them....I have bought 6 FMS planes from them....and I really like the FMS far I have gotten just what I have ordered.

And I agree with what you say about Horizon I think they are killing the hobby....or fueling HK one of the two. But they do it to themself. Not long ago....well 6 wife got me a gift card to the LHS (read horizon hobby outlet) I decided I really wanted a Tamiya Sand Scorcher I checked on line with Tower and then with Tamiya itself to get an idea of the price. Went to order and they said it would be $600....ahhh NO. Tamiya has the rough rider for $199 on sale and Tower has the sand scorcher for 299 with a 50 off and free shipping. I did not buy and just ordered both online.

I try...really try to support the LHS as much as I can....I do see a value there, but I am not going to get screwed that bad on something. Now if horizon comes out with something that I really want....the PZ Albatros is one, I will buy from them, but on other stuff not so much.....I still have about a 150 credit there....last thing I bought was some paint for the exhaust on the Sand Scorcher.

I remember seeing that in the early 80's and wanted one so that I am 47 and not 17 I can afford to get one. I want to pick up one of their cc01 bronco's and tig weld up a trailer to haul the bug that will be cool.
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