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Thursday 7/7 Day 6: Ride Destination: Quesnel, 250 miles, BEARS, RAIN, and MUD

Today was the best and worst day of the trip so far. This morning started out bright and early. It was a longer mileage day and so we had to leave an hour earlier. Our ride started off a little sketchy when we came upon a sign that said road closed due to wash outs.

This was an inconvenience considering we were supposed to travel 160 miles on these roads and now our plans had changed. On the sign someone had hand written “We can go anywhere” (Steve this is for you. Under was signed Bigdog and Dingweed. Kevin says you know who they are.) So I proceeded to take charge of the situation and said “Bigdog….If he can do it, we can do it.” So we went for the trail anyways. And as a matter of fact, it was easy for us. We went right through everything. I just can’t understand why Bigdog had a problem with the trail.

OK, the story from Kevin: I had known who Big Dog and Dingweed were, I had a conversation with Big Dog back in 2005 discussing the Continental Divide Ride. So I knew that these guys were pretty aggressive explorer riders. I also knew that we had about 160 miles of Dirt in front of us and then maybe 100 more miles of pavement. I was starting to feel a little like a parent here, knowing that I did not want to be stuck somewhere very remote fighting to get our bikes through something. And I could see that the weather was changing. So my vote was to turn back and take the easy path. But the girl was having none of it. She was very insistent that if these two guys could do it then we could do it. I explained that there were on WR250R's and we were on big bikes, you can't do the same rough stuff. Nope, she wanted to go do it. She kept saying if "Big Dog can do it we can do it." As it turned out about 20km up there was a canyon that had been washed out but there had been a crew working on it and so by the time we got there the road was mostly repaired. So no problem. "Thanks to Big Dog" making the note, if he had not done that we would have surely turned back.

Back to Missy: Well anyways we were on our way and going down our original track when we came upon some cows that were just sitting, lounging around. So I went up to the group and all but one mother walked away as soon as I approached. So I went over to her with some food and pet her

She was quite nice until she gave a grunt and then I freaked out and ran off.

So back on the trail we were driving along and this is the best part of all, a baby bear and mother bear ran across the street right in front of us.

The baby climbed a tree and the mother ran off into the forest. This was the opportunity for us to play with the bear. We tried to coax him down out of the tree but he would have nothing to do with us. We tried out favorite cat calls. We tried the name Midnight. We then noticed the mother was sitting near on the other side of the trees and then we decided that it was probably no longer a good idea to play with the baby. So we packed up and left on our way. But the bears were very cute. Check out the pictures!

So now you’re probably wondering what the worst part of the day was. Well a little while after the bear the sky started to get dark and the air was frigid. Well it started to pour rain. And just our luck we still had about 200 miles left in the day. So we rode and rode sopping wet and cold and tired all day long. It was absolutely miserable. So that was our day long and miserable yet great. WE had to recall our words of wisdom from Keith Bennett, it wasn’t very fun now, but maybe someday we would think it was lots of fun. (paraphrased)

I thought it would be fun to keep an animal count. So this is a list of the animals that each of us has seen.

Seal: Kevin 2 Missy 2
Moose: Kevin 2 Missy 2
Bear: Kevin 4 Missy 2
Marmet: Kevin 20 Missy 20
Bald Eagle: Kevin 0 Missy 1
Antelope: Kevin 8 Missy 8
Deer: Countless
Snake: Kevin 2 Missy 0

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