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Thanks for taking the time to do that, that gives me a good comparison point. But don't go tearing into it on my account. I just placed another order from Hobby King to get the Corsair flying. For about the price of an E-Flite Power 60, I got a bigger NTM Prop-Drive motor, 100 amp ESC, 4S 5800 mah battery, a prop, and shipping!! If anyone asks me why I've become somewhat anti-Horizon Hobby, there ya go. There's more, but since no one asked I won't rant.

Just looking forward to getting that bird in the air! If I'm happy with this stuff, I'll order the same setup for the Extra 300.
No problem, with the battery I slowly worked up the flight I like scale so I do not rocket around the sky, but I want power incase I do something stupid....but with what I have in there I have flight times of 7 minutes and am pretty happy with that.....the plane is not too scale it has a large constant chord wing and makes it really a big trainer and not a warbird...but it sure looks good in the sky.

I also have Alfa's little P39 and that thing is a great plane....wish someone in the states carried them....Hobby-lobby did at one time (online hobby store not the art and craft place) now you have to order online. Many say they have great experences with them, but the site is so web 1.0 I am a little weary.
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