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Puke ... burrs in my britches.... to go work on the setup for the Tilton Trials all day Saturday. Had a BLAST!!

Of course, being a mile or so out into the woods, there isn't exactly easy access to a porta-potty. So, I rode off a bit from our work crew, found a secluded space, made SURE there was no poison ivy or other nasty monsters in the area, and, well, "dropped drawer".

Unfortunately, the section I'd been last working in was covered in stickers and burrs, and i hadn't noticed the burrs that had gotten stuck all up the side of my riding pants and my sweatshirt, even the inside of my open coat. Not noticed, that is, until I attempted to pull up my Football Pads Shorts I wear for protection ... and found them scraping all up the outside of both legs... it seems the stickers from the inside of the coat and other areas had rolled quite nicely onto the inside of the shorts and were well secured there.

I spent the rest of the afternoon periodically pulling burrs and other stickers out of the inside of my shorts!! (Thanks heavens it was at least down the outside of the thigh and not somewhere, er... more sensitive!!)
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