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Originally Posted by thump! View Post
I run either depending on the ride and have a more aggressive tire mounted on my 18" wheel.

The DR350S/SE wheel will work, the DR350 off road model does not have a cush hub and _might_ work but I think the S model wheel is a better choice for the 650.

The bearings are the same. The brake rotor is not. You'll need a DR650 rotor for the DR350 wheel. Also, the 18" 350 wheel is more narrow and I'm running a 120/90 on mine.

Jim Randall
^^what he said^^

I have both also. The 650 has a 2.50 rim and the 350 has a 2.15. (width) and the 350 has a rimlock if memory serves me. I'll have to go out in the garage and look. I put a rimlock on the 650 wheel as well.

I run knobbies most of the time, but I have a Bridgestone Trailwing that came off a new DRZ 400 on the 18" right now, from a trip I took in Sept.

I do recall having fittment issues with the 650 rotor on the 350 hub but can;t remember what I did. The bolts aren't the same and I ended up doing something different. Like flipping the rotor over or something. really can't remeber, but it was solveable maybe someone can remember what they did.

I was lucky to get my 350 wheel with an axle, chain adjusters, sprocket hub and cushions and a new 41 tooth sprocket for $75.
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