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Odd. Here in Mexico the Anakkees worked great in the loose stuff, heavy rains, etc... I found they cornered a lot better than those damn Battlewings! Subjective verdict, I am looking forward to that Anakkee 3 design. Both tire pressure sensors gave up the ghost last weekend, almost 50,000kms and they both failed at exactly the same time.
If nothing, Motorrad builds consistency along with the obsolescence into some things.
Both of mine stopped workin at the same time when it was still under warranty. Tech tried to reintroduce the sensors to the RDC computer. He said he could not so it must have been the computer. He was going to order the RDC but when I picked up the bike I realized both were woking again. So it could be just the sensors and the computer lost the contact and had to be coupled again. And sometimes they have difficulty coupling them. I have 08 model 88Km and still no problems.
Those Anakee 3s look more street oriented.
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