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Originally Posted by vspeed View Post
Any of you guys fly sailplanes?

A long time ago I took a few lessons and got soloed in an old Schweizer. Never finished the rating though.

20 years and 12,000 (powered) hours later, I'm thinking about getting back into gliders and finishing my rating. I haven't flown any kind of light aircraft since about 1995, so it could be interesting .
No soaring around here, unfortunately. I went up a bunch when I was at the USAF Academy as a controller in the early 80's. They had 2-33's and some high(er) performance stuff too. Flew in the towplanes quite often too. Perfect soaring there with mountain and ridge waves, plus good and easy to find thermals over some of the larger developed areas at the academy on calmer days. I can't imagine soaring in some areas where it's pretty much a trip around the pattern and that's it.
It's really all just stuff...and in the end, none of it means shit.
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