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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post aware that often itís not just others we fool when weíre wearing our costumes: sometimes we fool ourselves. Thatís where the greatest danger lies: at that moment, the moment we confuse our appearance for our abilities and believe we already are who we want to be, development stops.
Damnabbit that's good stuff.

My humble quibble is that you're coming at this from your point of strength. Your strength is (I believe from following you across the country with your words and pictures) in your confidence in your own ability. You are confident that your abilities and resolve can get you through anything. What you're missing in the facades of others is the siren's song of escape. People everywhere are trapped in the reality of needs and wants. We need shelter, we need food, we need a job... and we want comforts. But that cage we live in keeps us tethered to reality and keeps us from truly experiencing our dreams. So we escape. We fantasize. We pretend. And we hold on to our tether.

I believe the distinction is in how far we go out on the ledge. We as 'manly men' crave adventure. The open road, the warrior who saves the damsel, the ninja who is invincible and deadly, chrome and bandannas. Adventures. Fantasies. But in the end, we still hang on to the safety line. You always knew you had your job--as long as you had your laptop and your cellphone. You had an income and a place to return to, so even you were still tethered. What I loved about your adventure is how far you were out on that ledge. Further than most any of us will ever reach, and that challenges me personally to reach further. For that, I am grateful.
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