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Originally Posted by red bud View Post
Hey Mark. Got the can for 36 bucks and the mid pipe for 40. I had passed up an awesome deal on the combo for 52 bucks Oh well. I buzzed around going through the rev range for about 20 miles, and although there is no noticable improvement, I believe it to be quieter at higher revs. Oh, and no flat spots detected. Plugs look normal.

@Jason, I made plans to have dinner with JJ and hopefully Pete on Thursday nite. So plan on that. I have to teach an advanced rider course this sunday. So I'm keeping the worn 606s on till later next week. Then a tire change, might change shaft/final fluid as I don't remember the last time I did except when I got home from RWV last year. Hmmm........I also might fab up a light bar to mount my LEDs above the headlight Rallye style! Then I can get the blinkers back where they belong. I dunno. Maybe too much with work and planning to leave. We'll see. Anybody know how to make flat stock out of round stock for a mount point. Like so......

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