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Originally Posted by Stagehand View Post

Awesome score on the pipe. I need something along that price range for the Foosa project.
look here It's a 04-05 ZX10 pipe. The mid pipe id is 46mm I think??? But perfect fit for the airhead if you get that year.

I figured a hammer, but thought maybe heat it with map gas and compress it in a vise may be a more dignified way to do it. Dunno, I'll try when I get home.

I have a helmet light from advmoster.

 photo C023D15D-C156-4117-8863-2ADF67562B62-29279-0000273FF8B90517_zpsdaa61429.jpg

Very bright! But I took my crash/bent bars off and had LED's mounted on them. So I took the front signals off and put them on the hand guards and mounted the Leds on the headlight ears. Meh, don't like it. So I'm thinking a "hoop" over the headlight with mount point, kind of like is you were to mout them on top of your roo bar.

ps did you notice that there are 59 bikes on the entry list. yikes
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