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Originally Posted by 4play View Post
I plan to go somewhere between the "dongle" and KTMKLX's 3/16" steel version for rider pegs using the Fastways & CRF bolt on brackets. I broke a footpeg off a Honda when I was a kid & that landing ended very bad, I'm 230lbs and AZ terrain sneaks up on you sometimes, I don't want to even think about breaking a peg.
I have a pair of versys passenger brackets to possibly adapt. I also bought a pair of Berg DIY luggage hoops that I may incorporate the passenger pegs on the lower leg depending on how everything looks & how my wife fits. I've got a pile of parts waiting on a motorcycle
i can see that you would like that bike to show up soon.

for a bike home-based in the SW, i would consider a prefilter of some sort. i haven't seen junk on the wrong side of the filter, but it has been reported.

helps to have a spare filter along for a gravel road trip so it can be changed out easily. i always carry one when i anticipate plenty of dusty conditions, although i've never had to change on the fly.
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