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Originally Posted by jessepitt View Post
This is the same thought I had. I have a DR350 and am useing an RMX swingarm with the stock DR350 (dirt model) wheel. The spacers are just cut down a hair as the RMX swinger is narrower. I think that if the stock DR350 rim can be made to work with the RMX arm then the RMX wheel should be able to work on the DR650. Also, I think that if you are using the DR350 wheel as your dirt wheel and always run a knobby on it the cush drive wont be needed, the knobs will buffer the trans on road. My DR350 is a plated dirt model with no cush and it seems fine on the street but it doesn't spend much time there. It has the same forks as the RMX as well, as it is a '98. They are great forks and are fully adjustable, they seem like a no brainer mod to me as they fit the stock DR650 triple.
Thats fine if it just needs spacers. I have a lathe to make spacers. I don't care about the cush hub like you said it will only be for my dirt/ ice tires. I might just get a complete bike for the front end and see If I can make the rear wheel work too.

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