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Originally Posted by Canuman View Post
It really boils down to which bike I feel is better equipped and prepped just before the trip. The KLR would certainly be more comfortable on the pavement and gravel roads, but the DRZ is the choice for the rough stuff.

My KLR currently has about 7 gallons of fuel capacity anyway, so range isn't a huge issue. I could see real utility in passenger peg fuel mounts on something like the Trans-Taiga and the North Road. With a one gallon Rotopax on each peg mount and a 1.75 on the tail rack, it would bring total capacity up to nearly 11 gallons, or somewhere around 500 miles with a reserve. If I decided to take the Moto-Mule trailer and wanted to go completely psycho, I could add another 3.5 to that.

When I get over to your shop, you might look at whipping up a set of those passenger peg mounts. I think they'd be a good seller for you, and a fairly unique product.

EDIT: The passenger peg idea is a good one, but after a staring session at the bike, I don't think it would work well for the Rotopax cans. It would work better with something like a 1 gallon Blitz can because of the available space. Since the Blitz cans aren't nearly as rugged as the Rotopax, some sort of incorporated crash bar would be a very good idea in the event that bikey took a nap.
How much rough stuff will there be, and can you post some coordinates for the known locations?

You have some excellent ideas for the KLR gas cans. I'm looking forward to you bringing it down soon for a two headed staring session with coffee and doughnuts. We'll make something up that will work the way you want it.
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