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Originally Posted by blackcap View Post
...what are some alternatives to cleaner that will do the same job but are more of a generic product?
I use Diesel fuel to clean my air filter. The oil/dirt in the filter dissolves immediately. I keep a half gallon bottle of Diesel in my garage for cleaning the air filter and deep cleaning the drive chain. When I am done with the dirty Diesel, I dump it in the same 5 gallon jug I use to store used motor oil. And then I dispose of the whole mess by pouring it down the kitchen drain.

(just kidding) Every 3-4 months I take the 5 gallon jug to my nearest service station to be recycled.

Once the filter is cleaned really well with Diesel (literally takes 30 seconds), then I give it a quick wash with a solution of dish washing liquid and H20. Then I let it dry overnight, and re-oil and re-install. And no, the Diesel does not harm the filter media.
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