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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
Can't speak for other smart phones, but an iPhone will actually discharge while plugged in and running a real time GPS app like Motion GPX. And once again, it's not waterproof, can't use it with gloves, and it's not hardened against vibration. Put enough miles on it strapped onto a bike and it will fail from the vibes. Never mind the fact if you get n a wreck and destroy the phone, gonna make it hard to call for help.
DaMoron has a Droid phone of some kind. Didn't seem to have any problem with discharging. My Casio is mil-spec. Waterproof, dustproof, etc. I've tested its abilities a coupla times.

Smartphones aren't the final answer for sure, but a move in a good direction. I haven't even installed the gps on PandaBike. If I need directions, or to find fuel, food, etc, I just pull out the phone and go to Google Maps. The gps is living in the car so my wife can get further confused.

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