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Originally Posted by jub jub View Post
Okay, let me get the negatives out of the way first. There are two things I do not like about this bike. First of all, the windscreen! It is too small! Consequently, you get blasted in the head, serious head turbulence! Ducking down behind the windscreen doesn't seem to help, in fact it's gets worse. Don't ask me why, I could never find a happy place except if I sat straight up and erect. This position seemed to help, but not much. BTW, I'm 6' 1" and I have a 30" inseam. My torso is somewhat longer than normal and I assume this exacerbates the problem even more.

Secondly, the mirrors, they have to be a carry over from the Gixers which means they are too short for the 1250FA. All I can see is the inside of my elbows and if I want to see who's behind me, I have to take my hand off the grip and pull my arm in the opposite direction. If a cop were ever to decide to pull me over he would have to pull along side of me or give me a whelp from the siren. Longer stalked mirrors would be an improvement. My 04 does not have this problem.

Now the good. The engine! That 1250 cc power plant is sooooooo smooth you hardly know it's running. Thank god it has a tach otherwise you would never know when to shift. The power band is very linear. It makes power from idle all the way to redline which is 9500 RPM. Actually, I think the torque starts to fall off around 7500 RPM. I never felt the need to take it much above 5000 to get the job done. The engine just pulls and pulls. Having the sixth gear is nice as well and lowers the RPM at cruise, but not by much. My 04 at 70 MPH is turning 4000 RPM, the GSX at 70 MPH is turning slightly less at around 3750. Not much of a reduction but the engine does seem more relaxed.

The bike handles extremely well for a standard. It has a neutral feeling when entering turns and inspires confidence, more so than my 04 Bandit. There were a couple of places on my way back home that I was able to lean the bike at a pretty steep angle with confidence.

The suspension seems decent. The best I have ever experienced on a bike, better than the 04. That experience is pretty limited though because all my street bikes have been the plain Jane types. I have never owned a true sport bike with upside down forks.

Fuel mileage wasn't very good. I averaged about 35-40 MPG. Of course the bike is still being broke in so the MPG might improve with mileage.

Seating position is good and the seat is better than the Corbin I have on the 04. The 7 hour long ride did not induce that much fatigue thankfully.

I love the fuel injection! No more having to choke the bike on cold start-up. The GSX seems to have the fuel mapping pretty well sorted as I never experienced any surging or lean stumble, from start-up to full operating temperature!

To say I'm pleased would be an understatement! The only thing left to do is to get a taller wind screen and maybe some longer, or different mirrors and she'll be perfect.

Thanks for sharing!

If everything goes as planned, I'll jump on a naked 1250 by the end of
the year. I've been lusting over them since 2007.
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