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Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
One of the inmates who said he had 20 yrs off road racing experience pm'd me last night with a response to a question I had about using a KTM 500EXC for the trip. He basically warned me about weight and the sandy sections with my bike. He also said this:
"I ran into two guys in Nevada that got off the TAT because one had a BMW GS800 and the other a KTM 990 because their bikes were just too big and heavy. They started the TAT in Colorada and had a lot of trouble. Their bikes although new had a lot of damage."
Not trying to discourage your choice of bike-just thought it could be helpful when packing up. Best of luck on your trip.
I think there's a flip side to that and rider skill can't be overlooked. Big Wan and Little Wan ran the TAT 2up on a big KTM and had no problem. Granted Big Wan is an animal, but the weight didn't stop them in the sand, they did Black Dragon with no trouble. Two other couples ran the TAT 2up this past summer on DR650s, based on their ride report they had very few problems getting through and it was usually on loose Rocky climbs when they did.
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