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inReach is a yearly signup too...

I started looking at these last night until my brain hurt.

The way I read it... inReach is an annual service that charges you monthly. If you cancel before the end of the year you are still responsible for the unpaid months.

The inReach seems like it has the most bells, whistles and farkles. I ride alone 90% of the time and am looking for something reliable that will call SAR if I am seriously hurt and somehow to contact my girlfriend to come retrieve me if I or my bike is broken down somewhere outside of cell range.

I am becoming technology (bell, whistle) sensitive after wasting too much money on iPhones. The iPhone5 is not demonstrably better then the iPhone4 and Siri is worthless.... and I am considering putting a dog cone around my neck so I don't look at it every two minutes.

I don't want my locator to require a second cone
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