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Hey you guys I think Dirty bike got caught in his words, I believe he only meant the F650gs will not tour full loaded two up in all season weather and is wrung out at 75-80. Not the Tiger XC. Maybe the thrashing started on him and he just went with it from there. But i think he originally was speaking only of the F650GS. If this is the case he is correct. It struggles loaded up and wouldn't be the best bike for long distance touring 2 up. IMHO.

His original quote:

"And the wife rides an '11 F650GS twin, (798cc) and it is wrung out at 75-80"

Yes he talks about he XC in a sentence before this one that he said his freind owned. But the XC was not within this sentence.
I am sure his friend commented to him that he would prefer a larger bike due to his heavy loaded touring expectations. I think his friend was only talking about that and not the power of the XC- As it it obviously can do it and has plenty.

Or he assumes any 800 is like the F650GS then I stand corrected--He is out of his proverbial mind.

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